Text Box and other widgets


I was using iBookAuthor for writing my manuscript but have just downloaded Scrivener. Still playing with it. The first disappointment was that it could not import the existing manuscript from iBookAuthor. I tried to export the file as ibook and then import it, yet it did not work! Oh well!

I have started copy-pasting the sections. However couple of challenges:
a. How do I create a textbox? Copy-paste did not paste the text boxes and I cannot fathom how to create them. Help was not very helpful.
b. While I am labelling sections as chapters, yet I can see just one chapter in the binder and the rest as sections. Rummy!

Please help!

Have you gone through the tutorial?

As lunk said, it’s a good idea to go through the Tutorial, as Scrivener works a bit differently from most word processors.

Text boxes are not supported.

You can drag and drop or use the Documents -> Move command to move individual documents up or down in the outline hierarchy.