Text boxes

Hi, I’m wanting to put some text in a box - anyone know how to do this?

The closest thing to that in Scrivener would be if you created a one-cell table and put your text in that. Scrivener’s layout capabilities are not the focus of it’s design, and so usually require that you finish the content, compile, and then do the more complex layout stuff in a word processor/layout design program.

OK, thanks - is it easy to transfer over Scrivener material to Word?
I have another issue with footnotes - I add another, and for some reason it has not been assigned a number?

Compile to .doc/docx, open in Word. :slight_smile:

Footnotes don’t get a number until you compile, as you may be one of those for whom splitting your text into single paragraph documents is beneficial, and until the whole is compiled together Scrivener can’t know how many footnotes occur before the one in any given document, therefore can’t give it a number.

Mr X