Text/Bullet List Problems

Good day,

I’m having problems moving into and out of bulleted lists. I have regular, fully justified text, then a bullet list, then fully justified text, then a bullet list, etc.

All of a sudden it will not let me change back and forth. If I highlight a list and try to turn it into bullets, the fully justified text above converts, too. If I try to remove the bullet list attribute from the text, I lose the bullets everywhere.

Any ideas?


It sounds to me as though you have some line breaks mixed in there with some paragraph breaks. The former are meant to cut paragraphs into multiple lines (speaking in technical terms anyway), so paragraph settings such as justification will impact all lines included within that paragraph. To check and see if this is the problem, enable the Format/Options/Show Invisibles menu setting, and hunt for curly arrows instead of pilcrows on the ends of lines: