Text color and cursor color!

Hi Keith,

I already searched the forum, and found ways to change background color as well as text color. However, I need to manually convert all existing pages to default style in order to get the new text color. Is it possible to make it work automatically for all texts the same way as the background color? Or is it possible in 2.0?

Another thing is: I used green text on black background. However, in this case, the cursor is still black, and it is impossible for me to identify where the current cursor is, because… the cursor has the same color as the background. I have not figured out a way how to deal with it.




Documents > Convert > to Default Style will apply the default style to all selected documents.

In general, though, full screen mode is reserved for doing this sort of stuff. You can do it in the main window by changing the text colour, but full screen mode allows you to override the text colour and change the cursor colour etc (see Full Screen Preferences). That’s not something that is coming to the main window, though.

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I asked the question of cursor because… although full screen mode is nice, I found myself staying in the window mode most of the time because I used split windows to compare and write new things most of the time. Thus, if the cursor color can also be changed in window mode, it would be very convenient for my case.

For the text color, since I need to convert all available documents to default style, it is not that easy. I need to select all documents, but I cannot select a folder with all documents inside automatically selected. I need to unfold each folder, and then select them all. If the text color can change for default-style documents automatically, like how the background color works, it would be great!

However, I do know that these are just my personal preferences. Just for your reference!


Wouldn’t “Expand All” solve that (in the View menu, or Command+9)?

Wow, that works! Thanks for this hint!