Text Color Button not working

No reaction when i click on the Text Color Button. With right mouseclick i can access this function, but not with the button on top.

The documentation for this button is found in §18.5, Text Colour and Highlights. Does that match what you are seeing?

I can confirm this on MacOS, ver. 3.2.3. Clicking on the text color button does nothing, but the text color can be changed by right-clicking the text to be changed.

It works at my machine – Monterey 12.4 and Scrivener 3.2.3 (14869).

I can’t update past Monterey 12.3.1 yet. Maybe it is fixed in the latest beta version?

I defined styles with colored text months ago, probably more than a year, but it’s certainly possible 12.3 had this bug. Why can’t you upgrade?

Won’t let me. Says that 12.3.1 is up to date. Maybe because I’m sitting in Canada, but who knows.

How are you making the attempt? I go to the App Store, search for macOS, select macOS Monterey, then Get, and here’s the result.

Yes, OK, it does pop up there. Just not through System Preferences.

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Could we get a full description of what is (not) happening with this tool?

  • Right-clicking the button and setting a colour as a test, like bright red.
  • Selecting some text and left-clicking the button.
  • With no selection, clicking the button and then typing.

The text color button does nothing when you left-click on it (neither directly on the button nor on the small down arrow on its right hand side). However, if you right-click on the button, it will bring up the color palette and you can choose a different color. The same is true for the highlight button right next to it. Is this the expected behavior?

This is in MacOS 12.4 and Scrivener 3.2.3 (14869).

Okay, so the button is performing some interaction correctly. Yes, right-clicking, or also sitting there and waiting for it if you left-click and hold, is the intended way of changing the active colour. I don’t believe clicking the arrow has ever done anything.

As for the rest, if you followed these steps in sequence, I take it left clicking isn’t doing anything further? What should have happened was:

  1. The selected text turns red (since that is the colour we selected in the first step.
  2. The typing colour turns red, allowing for the insertion of red text anywhere we want.

OK, I see that clicking and holding left-click does bring up the color palette. It’s just a bit of an odd behavior for a Mac using a touchpad, because usually a single tap on the touchpad activates a button on the toolbar (and in Scrivener it does this in the usual way for all of the toolbar buttons except for the text color and highlight buttons).

It’s very much intentionally “odd”. The primary uses are to apply colour to selected text or to change the colour of input, so being able to easily do so with a click of a button is essential. It would be annoying to have to continually pick the same colour over and over from a popup, if you’re going through and marking a bunch of text the same way. This is particularly true for highlights, where that is an even more common task.

So it’s not right to say that a single click does nothing, while the rest of the buttons do, it just doesn’t do what we consider to be the secondary action: changing the colour/highlight from what you’ve been using to something else. Hopefully that makes more sense.

OK, I think that makes more sense now. Thanks.

I’m still on v12.2, and the text color button seems to work fine. So I doubt upgrading would make a difference.

Maybe there is confusion because if you select text that is the same color that the text color button currently is, nothing happens. It might force that color and apply it to that text, but it’s already that color. The selected text has to be a different color than the current color of the text color button before you can see any change, which seems like a no-brainer. Otherwise you have to click and hold to get the palette.

It is a little tricky and nonintuitive. It seems to depend on some previous history of the color of the selected text: sometimes when I select a sentence, for instance, where part of the text is black and part of the text is another color, it will change it all to black, regardless what color text color button is at that moment.

At other times, it will change the entire selected sentence to the color of the text color button. I’ve never known why, and what makes the difference in how it chooses what to do. There is also some sort of mysterious intelligence regarding why the text color button even changes color in the first place, which also seems fairly nonintuitive.

Defaults have special behaviors, I think. Another example is No Style. It’s not quite the same thing as default formatting, but it has a similar non-intuitive behavior.

I don’t know what version 12.2 is meant to refer to, but the documentation is very similar in both the new and old versions of the software (referenced by section number at the top of this thread):

The format bar will remember the last colour you have used, so it easy to rapidly apply the same colour to multiple text selections with a single click. It will also pick up a colour when you click on text that has already been coloured…

To change the current colour in the Format Bar tool, right-click on the colour
tool or click and hold.

That’s how it should work anyway. The only aspect I see not working properly on Windows, with a quick test, is the behavoiur of clicking into some coloured text and having that colour loaded into the Format Bar.

I did also notice that one behaviour is undocumented, and that is if the text/highlight colour is identical to the full range of selected text, then the effect is to remove that colour assignment—thus it acts like a toggle. You click it once, it applies blue, you click it again it removes the colour (which might have the effect of “applying black”, but only if the editor settings show text without a colour assignment as black).

If you have a condition that doesn’t fit any of these descriptions, then it is probably a good idea to write it up as a bug report with a checklist on how to reproduce it.