Text color changes do not adapt to Grey Matter Dark theme


I’m using RC6 with the Grey Matter Dark theme. I imported a Word document in which some of the headings used colors that were difficult to see against the dark gray background. However, when I selected all and changed the font color to black (which appears as white onscreen by default in this theme), it came out as black onscreen as well.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Remove all color from the text (default). That will allow the dark background to have the default white text.

Thanks, that did it. The default “no color” is a little confusing when applied to text, so I didn’t notice it at the outset.

Much appreciated!

I hope this is made sticky somewhere, as I’ve struggled to figure this one out for over a year. And when I originally searched for a solution, I couldn’t find one. :smiley: I was thrilled to find this today!