Text Color


I am having a weird problem ever since updating with the newest installment. I like to work in full screen (dark background, light text), and although the blinking cursor, mouse arrow, and toolbar changes to the new color, the text does not :exclamation: It stays black.
When I go to change the text by highlighting it all, it turns the color I want, but when I then go back to the regular editor window (out of full screen), the font is still that color. For example, if I chose white, it stays white; in the main editor window that’s not a good thing since the background is white.

Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

These options used to work without a hitch, now as I’m nearing toward my deadline…my full screen is funky. Full screen is one of my favorite features of Scrivener. I need it back :open_mouth:

Please help.


Michael Weinstock

I think it’s just a question of downloading Scrivener again. See this thread:



Thank you!

I will give it a go.

All the best,

Michael :mrgreen: