Text Colour in Typewriter Inspector

When I am in Daytime Mode in Scrivener and enter Typewriter mode, the text in my ‘Synopsis & Notes’ sections is white on a white background. When I select all the text and try changing to colour to ‘Remove Colour’ or even ‘Black,’ neither of those change the colour of the text and it’s still white-on-white.

Text in the ‘Project Bookmarks’ sections still shows as black-on-white so it’s fine there. And when Scrivener is in Dark Mode the text shows fine as white-on-black/grey. It’s only in Daytime Mode that the text is white-in-white and can’t seem to be changed in the Inspector.

Edit: Forgot to mention I’m currently running Scrivener 3.1.1.

I can’t reproduce this. Where are you seeing this? In the main window, in Quick Reference, in Compose mode? Can you please post the steps I need to take to reproduce the issue?

Thanks and all the best,