Text colour

Text colour — is there any way, through preferences, for me to change the text colour to blue — throughout, so I don’t have to manually do it for each file?

Go to the Text Editing box, click in the text view area (with the quote in it), then hit shift-cmd-C (or select Text > Font > Show Colors). Use the colour panel to change the colour of the text to blue, or whatever you want, and then okay the preferences.

Every new document you create will now use the blue font you have chosen. This only affects new documents, though. If you want to have the documents you have already created converted to the new settings, first select everything you want converting in the binder and then go to Documents > Convert Formatting > To Default Text Style.

Hope that helps.

You know, you folk are beauties. It’s the best bucks I’ve ever invested in a program — it and your help has been absolutely superb. Can’t thank you enough. Now, if you’ll just make me an Internationally Acclaimed author, I’ll sing your praise far and wide.