Text Compressed (What is it doing now?)

Someday Scrivener will bend to my will, but not today.
I am copying text from another document. Having learned my lesson, I paste this text into a plain text editor (in this case, Tincta, but Geany. Sublime Text all yield the same result).
When copying the plain text to my Scrivener project, the text is all compressed:
–I haven’t commanded this result
–nothing but cmd+v
–what is it doing now?

I tried Format=>Paragraph=>Line and Paragraph Spacing and the text parameters are the same as “good” paragraphs.

What has caused this?

Answer: Character spacing, which apparently acts on its own. How can I turn it off, or at least stop it from butting in?

Is a character or paragraph style defined (that has some setting you don’t want)?

If you change to “No Style” does it fix?

In Binder, select the relevant document, Menu: Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting … then chose the options you want. Fix?

In the Edit Menu, does any of the Text Tidying options help?

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Changing it to “Default Style” fixes it. But it shouldn’t appear in the first place. How can I make sure that plain text is copied…as plain text??

There are no defined styles. I was trying to make a plain vanilla blank project with absolutely no surprises, which apparently is a challenge.

I wish that Scrivener would use its own text engine rather than relying on that of the Mac. With the latter, you never know what it may decide to do.

I frequently use the change to “Default Style” method and then just get on with it.

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I would use a text editor such as MacVim which will strip out formating potentially copied over from the source to any of those other editors you mentioned in the OP, Plus at least one of those editors is not supported under macOS Ventura which immediately limits is long term usage.

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My thought was that although you had pasted it into the text editor, the paste buffer still contained the original copy and that was pasted into your project.



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Hanging with Mojave in order to use Picasa.

I think you should use Paste and match style.
(Ctrl+Shft+V under Windows.)


The Picasa that Google has, to use their expression, “retired”? Think you’re onto a hiding to nothing what with Tincta also being discontinued.

If you know of a 64 bit substitute for Picasa with similar functionality (finding all images on disk) do let me know.
It’s too bad about Tincta, but there indeed are many other alternatives, like Geany; Atom, Obsidian, Joplin, Ghostwriter, MacDown, MarsEdit, Mindforger, Notepad, Textedit, Textwrangler, Writeroom, etc.

This is the correct answer. (Alt-Shift-Cmd-V on Mac) That should strip any formatting from any source. (Will not strip formatting characters like tabs and page breaks, though.)

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Is that all you use it for? There are lots of 64-bit search tools.

As I am pasting from plain text, there shouldn’t be any formatting to begin with, except to EOL or CR codes. It has to be a switch within Scrivener.

Fixing/enhancing images, tagging, etc. But mainly finding and sorting images, then organizing the results in one place.

Still, have you tried paste and match style ?

Yes, I have indeed. -

Did it work ?
. . . .

No. Same result.
To fix it, I had to select the paste in Scrivener and then go into Format=>Font=>Character Spacing, and then click on default.
So Scrivener (or the Mac text engine) was modifying the plain text upon pasting.
It would be useful to know how to turn off this character spacing behavior.

Please open a support ticket, here:

Attach a sample of the problem text.