Text|Convert menu item

Is there any way to modify items in the Text|Convert menu item, or to add new items (e.g. convert single spaces to double spaces, etc.)

That would be pretty swank, but no that menu is fixed.

That’s a pity because the options provided are not so useful for me, while there are others chores that I routinely have to do that are not providd here. Howe about an option to hide the Convert menu altogether?

By the way, using these menu items seems to remove scrivener links.

Menus in OS X are not user-customisable in this manner, and obviously, Scrivener cannot second-guess every single user’s usages. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at the Scrivener link problem you mention.


You might be able to accomplish what you want via the Style menu (Text => Show ruler => styles). I set up a style that converts all pasted in or imported text to something easily readable (double spaced, readable font, indents, etc.).

Or take a look at this useful freeware: devon-technologies.com/produ … vices.html
WordService 2.6.1

This service provides 34 functions to convert, format, or speak the currently selected text, as well as insert data or show statistics of the selection within all Cocoa applications (such as TextEdit, Mail, Stickies, Notes, Fire, OmniWeb, ProjectBuilder, or TeXShop) and Carbon applications supporting services.


Reformat, Remove line attachments/endings/links/multiple spaces/multiple feeds/quotes, Trim line beginnings/line endings/lines, Sort lines ascending/descending, Shift left/right, Initial caps of words/sentences, All caps and lowercase, Mac/Windows/Unix line endings, Rotate 13, Straight/Smart Quotes, Encode/Decode tabs, Insert date/date and time/time/contents of path, Speak native/German text, Statistics.