Text disappeared but still on OneDrive

I’m a complete Scrivener novice but I’m really keen to start using it properly! I pasted my first chapter into Scrivener from Word yesterday, and today the text simply isn’t there. It’s a blank page. The name of the chapter is there and it shows on the chalk board, plus it’s ALL there on OneDrive which is where it automatically saves to.
I had previously copied the whole novel into Scrivener but then got scared to edit it because I kept getting error messages when I tried to access it. So really I’m not off to a good start.
Could anyone suggest why text would simply disappear?

Read the following. It’s probably what’s happening to you right now.

Unless you have to syncronize your project with multiple computers, I’d suggest not keeping “live” projects that you’re working on in OneDrive.

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … e-advisory

You can change your backup settings (Tools->Options->Backup) to save backups (use the .zip compression option) to One drive without issue, however.

Thank you for replying Rdale. Yes it seems most people on Scrivener talk about DropBox rather than OneDrive. I write quite a bit on my phone as I’m usually on the go so Word Online was working very well syncing with my laptop. But now I want to edit a whole novel I was looking forward to using the cork board/chapters etc on Scrivener.
It’s so frustrating because I’m finding my way around actual Scrivener well and I get it, it’s just the technical side that’s letting me down!
I read your link and it makes sense, but Scrivener isn’t even listed in my programmes on my hard drive! How can that be?
I’m not hugely tech savvy but searching the forums for help I feel I need a degree in IT to be able to work Scrivener!

I have to work/write regularly every day and I use more than one computer for this job. so I have to share my files among computers. I have to work live in the OneDrive folder to do this job well. this is not a choice but a must. what should we do? Google drive, yandex drive etc. Is it safer to work live on alternatives?

Dropbox i safe for live projects.
But you must remeber to close the project on one computer before opening it on another.

Some other forum users have used OneDrive in this fashion and state that modern versions of OneDrive (e.g. the most up-to-date version) do not appear to have any problems they have noticed. However, caveats are in order!

  1. DO NOT set your backups to backup to OneDrive if you are working on your live project from the PC’s OneDrive-synced folder system. Have them back up to a different sync engine – it is recommended that you configure Scrivener to produce in a ZIP archive with the date/time stamp in the filename, as that results in a single ZIP file that is safe to sync across a variety of sync engines. (Scrivener will never automatically open the ZIP file, so the backup is truly a useful point-in-time snapshot – you have to manually extract your project from the ZIP file in order to work on that backup copy if you needed to do so.)

  2. MAKE SURE that the project folder Scrivener is using under your OneDrive folder is set to “Always keep on device.” This forces all of the files, folders, and sub-folders to always be completely synced between your PC and OneDrive. You MUST do this for all Scrivener projects on ALL PCs/Macs you are using Scrivener with, or you will run into trouble when OneDrive tries to optimize files and turn them into “load on demand”. I recommend having a top level “ScrivenerProjects” folder (name it what you want) underneath your OneDrive folder, with this setting turned on for this folder. Make sure OneDrive is on an syncing, open Windows Explorer and navigate to your chosen folder, right-click the folder, and select “Always keep on device.”


  1. It is recommended that you pause any sync engine while opening Scrivener and performing your work. When you are done, close Scrivener, wait for it to save and produce backups, then unpause your sync engines. Do not log out/shut down/sleep until you see that the sync engines are completely done syncing. Check the top-level folder in Explorer and make sure it has the solid green circle with white checkmark sync status.

  2. This is only for getting projects between PCs and Macs. Scrivener for iOS has not a clue what OneDrive is. I believe there are workarounds, but I haven’t tried them.

  3. If something goes wrong, your backups are key to fixing the problem, so don’t neglect them.

I personally think it’s safer (if a slight bit clunkier) to have a local working area that I wipe each time and use OneDrive to store the ZIP backup files. As I sit down to work on a project I wipe the local working folder, I unzip the latest backup from OneDrive, extract that version of the project to my local working file, and have Scrivener work on that copy. When it’s done, the backup will write the latest project state in the ZIP file (with file/time stamp embedded in the filename) back to OneDrive. A few more moving parts, a lot less risk – and it forces me to make sure I closed Scrivener on the last computer I was working on.