Text disappearing when I compile to ePub

The text of random chapters is completely disappearing when I compile to ePub. I can’t figure out why some chapters are coming out blank when the rest look fine. I couldn’t find a solution by searching the forum. Does anyone know what might be causing text to disappear during the compiling process?

Thanks so much!

Is this issue specific to EPUB compile or does it occur when you compile to other formats like RTF or PDF? If entire documents are missing their text in the compile, check to see that the “Text” column is checked for that document’s type and binder level in the “Formatting” pane of Compile.

For instance, if you have folders and text documents both containing text, you might have compile set up to only include text from the documents and not from the folders themselves. Different levels of documents can also have separate formatting, so you could have something set where immediate children of the Draft (Level 1) are compiling only titles while their children (Level 2) are compiling text but for your structure you really want both levels compiling text.