Text disappears from synopsis after drag and drop

Scrivener - Origins.PNG
I highlight some text as shown, and then drag it to the synopsis window.

It copies across.

What I want to do, though, is to move the text rather than copy it, so I then click back into the left hand window, highlight the text again and delete it. The text is deleted. There is a short pause, and the text in the synopsis window disappears as well.

Thanks for the report; I’ve just reproduced this and a crash that seems to be related (if you attempt to drag more text into the synopsis after first dragging text to it in this way). It’s not deleting the text in the editor that causes the problem specifically; rather, any keystroke outside the synopsis after dragging text in this way seems to cause the dropped text in the synopsis to disappear as though it hadn’t really been fully submitted.

For now, if you click into the synopsis after dropping the text, it will prevent it being deleted. You can also click into the index card and use Undo (Ctrl-Z) to restore the text after the fact.

While they work on this bug, were you aware of the button to the upper right of the index card in your screen shot? If you click it, the text from your document will fill the synopsis (up to a maximum of characters, or the end of the 1st paragraph, I think). This, of course, assumes that the text you want to copy is at the beginning of your document’s text.

And, of course, you can highlight the text, press CTRL-X (to cut) click into the synopsis card and press CTRL-V (to paste).

I didn’t know about that button. Thanks, Robert :slight_smile: