Text disappears/reappears[NOTED]

First off I’m loving scrivener for Windows!

It’s working well except for one oddity I’ve noticed. I imported a long document (about 34,000 words). Now I’m in the process of splitting it up into different sections. I’m doing that by cutting/pasting. Sometimes when I “cut” a section and “paste” it into a new document, what I cut was much shorter than what actually pasted. For instance, once, I cut a paragraph but when I pasted, the selection was actually much longer - about 7 extra paragraphs longer! Those paragraphs didn’t show up in the cut, but they did show up in the paste. They were supposed to be there (but of course not having the manuscript memorized, I didn’t remember they were there until I saw them).

Another time, I saw a sentence I needed to transfer to its own notecard. When I went back to look for it after doing a different cut and paste, it had disappeared! I noticed a blank spot in the document so I cut and pasted the blank spot and there it was again.

Several times I have cut and pasted a section only to find more paragraphs show up in the paste than what I initially cut. It’s like the text is somehow not showing everything that is there.

At first I just thought it was my imagination, but as it has happened repeatedly, I thought perhaps I should report it.

Known bug…but I’ve found if I go to “view -> show invisibles” stuff comes back, until I switch to another document. (and then do the show invisibles again)

Thank you! I searched to see if it was reported yet, but didn’t see it. Thanks for the fix! Am trying it right now…