text disappears

Hi, there has been a problem for a while now. If I scale the text larger than about 70%, the text will start to disappear from about 1/3 to 2/3 of the way through the document. I’m not sure it matters how long the document is as it could be a 300 page book or a screenplay. It is the screenplay I’m having trouble with now. The text is there because I can copy it and dragging the mouse to copy shows the different screenplay settings, like ENTER, TAB etc., but the text itself is invisible.

If I set the scale back to about 70% from 100% or above, close Scrivener and reopen the project by starting Scrivener again, the text reappears, provided it is set at 70% when closing Scrivener. Of course, it will be at 70% when opened.

It is more difficult to proof at a 70% scale. Does anyone know the solution to this? Running 1.9.7 but it’s happened on older versions too.

EDIT: I just had to scale the text down to 50% to get all the missing text in screenplay visible.



I have been frustrated with this problem throughout all past versions of Scrivener. It drives me nuts!

As I understand it, it is caused by problems in the cross-platform framework that Scrivener uses and that until Scrivener migrates to a native Windows version (promised for V3) this problem will persist. I would love to be corrected and love even more if it was patched in the current version.

Squeaky Hiro

Unacceptable! No one has a workaround other than using a word processor? :imp:

No solution? Seriously?

Best thing is probably to directly contact L&L’s tech support via email as discussed here
literatureandlatte.com/supp … tion-email
They’ll likely need to know what version of Windows, make/model of computer, display resolution, physical size of display.

Some background/guesses…

This may be the HiDPI (high number of dots (pixels) per inch) issue, which continues to affect Scrivener and other apps, for which the following may help. This is experienced in situations where very high resolution is being used on physically small screens.
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … i-displays
Unfortunately, there are some reports that Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) may have messed with the widespread use of the PreferExternalManifest workaround… either requiring one to redo/reestablish it or possibly having disabled its use.
blogs.technet.microsoft.com/ask … ry-update/
And do a Google search on “PreferExternalManifest 1607”.

Other possibilities include the font being used (try something different), line spacing/height (select problematic text and see Format > Text > Spacing), display drivers (current?), Scrivener projet corruption, …

Hope that is of some assistance.

Thanks for the details, Springfiled. Fixed it! Might not always be the same, but converting the problem folder to text made all the text appear.

I was losing text as well in long running text, i.e., 10K+ words. I knew the text was there but disappeared after so many paragraphs. I could actually select the text for copy and paste even when I couldn’t see it. Changed the folder to a file, refreshed and it came back. What a scare since I have a huge research project. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: