Text editing was so slow in large text file

Hello, I’m DJ.HAN. Please forgive my poor english. I live in korea.

I purchase scrivener few days ago. It’s very nice editor. I really love this software.

But there is no perfect software… Also, I found a weak point of scrivener.
Scrivener was so slow in editing large text file(above 2~300k). When I paste large text file in Document window, scrivener’s editing speed was going to slow down dramatically. Text inserting, deleting, scrolling was slow down at a same time. I depressed about this sympton.

In this time, 200 or 300 kb was not so big size file. I think morden word processor can handle above 1mb single text file.

Please, improve speed of text editing in large text file in next update. I believe you can do it.

Anyway, thanks for development of great software… Thanks, Good Luck!

One of Scrivener’s principle design advantages is that it can work in small chunks. Rather than having your entire draft in a single large file, you can split it up into very small pieces (say, one document per scene), and use the Binder as a table of contents. If you need to combine some scenes together and work on them at once, you can use the Edit Scrivenings feature.

It might seem unorthodox at first, but think of the Draft as your outline, or your table of contents. Many word processors have such a feature, even though they still work on a single large document. Scrivener just takes that concept and operates on small chunks of the draft at once. I would suggest getting familiar with the Split function (Cmd-K), and chopping up that draft into something more manageable (note you can also use Cmd-Opt-K in conjunction with selected titles to automatically set the title of the document). If you are just dumping your entire book into a single Binder document, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the fun.


There really should be no slowdown on a file of that size - I have tested Scrivener with documents much larger with no slowdown. What system are you using? Could you send me the project? (I won’t be able to read it, but I can see if I can reproduce the slowdown.)
Sorry you are experiencing problems.

Might be related to what we discussed in another thread:


Mr. Keith.
Thanks for your reply. I sent you e-mail. please chek mail.

Mr. alexwein.
Yes, you’re right. It’s annoying for me.

anyway, I believe mr. keith can solve this problem :slight_smile: Good Luck!

“Mr Keith” - that’s a new one! I feel like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars where he tells C3-P0, who has been calling him “Sir”, to call him Luke, so threepio starts calling him “Sir Luke”. I like it!

Anyway, I will take a look at your e-mail and see what I can find out. Could you tell me what system you are working on? If it’s an old G4, then I have to wait for my iBook to come back from repair before I start testing (though it’s ready for picking up, so that should be very soon).


Hello, Mr.Keith (OK, I am star was mania, too :slight_smile: Also I love C3-PO)

My system was following as;

H/W : iMac core2duo 24" (2GB Ram/250GB HDD)
S/W : MacOS 10.4.8

Thanks for your support, you’re hero of rest of us :slight_smile: Good Luck!

There is absolutely 100% no reason you should experience slowdown on such a system. Thanks for sending me the file - I have received it. I just got my new MBPro today and am in the process of transferring everything across, so will test your file out properly tomorrow and let you know what I find.