Text editor for iPhone

Hi All

I have got Scrivener running on multiple platforms. I have no problems using it on my Mac, PC and with Textilus on my iPad. But I need a good editor for my iPhone that can access the RTF files in my dropbox and easily sync them back to dropbox.

Textilus is pretty easy to use on iPad but is there a program like it for iPhone. I have tried iA Writer, Documens Free and Rich Text File and Manager but they just dont get the job done.

Any one has got a good, reliable app?

Another question: When I save my Scrivener project to dropbox from my mac, why does the draft files only have numbers and not titles when I try to access them from Textilus?

Thanks a lot


Just to be clear, you shouldn’t throw your project onto Dropbox and then use a text editor (even an RTF editor) to edit the project’s internal component files. That is a recipe for mayhem. The best approach is to use the Mac version as your sync hub, and make use of the File/Sync/with External Folder menu command. This will build out a folder of files (with friendly file names) that the software will monitor for changes when you sync with it from Scrivener. This tool allows for plain-text output, which will greatly widen the number of editors you can use from your iPhone, but also works with RTF if you want to use something like Textilus on the iPad.

What you’re looking for on the mobile side:

  • Something that can use the synchronisation service of your choice.
  • Something that can navigate folders on said service (as opposed to only letting you interface with a flat list of text files somewhere).

And of course on the Mac side, a sync service that works in files and folders, not some kind of dedicated plug-in architecture or something (like the old iCloud).