Text editor for Samsung tablet?

I am about to become (inadvertent) co-owner of a new Samsung Tablet. Any suggestions for a straight-forward text editor with synch to Dropbox or Simplenote?


Draft for Android (not the same programme as a similarly-named one for iOS):

play.google.com/store/apps/deta … raft&hl=en

I have it synced to a DB folder and it works perfectly. In fact it’s my nvAlt folder and it’s a great way of integrating Android tablet and Mac.



Thanks, Eric. Draft seems, from casual research, to be not only the best, but the only serious app which meets what I thought were simple criteria. Maybe Mac-like writers are those who will settle for — in my case, generally prefer — writing first drafts in plain text.

I was amused by one reviewer who, admitting it was damn near perfect and just what he wanted, concluded by wondering if Draft was worth the price.

It costs $2.49. Can’t even get a shot of good Irish for that (except at home, Vic, except at home).


Unless your cousin gives you a litre of the stuff :smiling_imp: Deprivation is a terrible thing.

I’m still trying to figure out how to sync my HB pencil&27p fake Moleskin to Bean on my iMac. :confused:

The steps are pretty easy.

  1. Sit at desk with iMac.
  2. Power on iMac
  3. Open moleskin
  4. Open scrivener.
  5. Turn to first unsynchronized page in Moleskin
  6. Click at desire point in scrivener document to insert synchronized text from moleskin
  7. Place hands in proper typing position.
  8. read from moleskin and move fingers to replicate moleskin text in scrivener until page is completely synchronized.
  9. go back to set 5 and repeat until no unsynchronized pages remain.

I think you can manage that!

Jeezzz!!! That’s an awful lot of phffafffing about! I thought syncing was supposed to make things easy! I think I might just buy a £1-30p cork board from Polly’s Bazaar…that’s where I get my Moleskins from.