Text encoding when importing

I noticed that Scrivener has trouble importing utf encoded text files properly. When importing a file encoded as utf-8 or “western” all special characters gets scrambeled. When importing a file encoded as utf-16 nothing appears except for “þÿ”.

Will this be taken care of in the coming versions?

Hmm… I’ve added it my list, but this is actually a lot tricker than it sounds. There are so many different encodings that it is very difficult for Scrivener to guess the correct one. Currently it just tries to import text as ASCII, which is not exactly satisfactory so I will try to make it a little more intelligent about this. I’ll take a look at the TextEdit code to see how that tries to guess. However, as Scrivener is more of an RTF app, it will probably never be perfect when it comes to importing plain text. There will always be the chance that user might need to convert the encoding manually before importing. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Fair enough … but if you have to choose one encoding I would go with utf-8. That would allow for all foreign characters and it seems to be the modern choice of other writing software (such as WriteRoom, for instance).

I agree - and it is the Mac standard. This was a bit of an oversight