Text Expander?

Is there a text expanding feature in Scrivener for Windows, or an app available to set up abbreviations to type out long names (like the Text replacement feature on my iPad?).

I have characters with long names in both script and novel In progress and it would be a big help if I didn’t have to redundantly type them over and over.

Jay -

You might want to look at Hot Keyboard Pro. hot-keyboard.com/

It’s $30 but IMO well worth it - does a lot more, too.

What you looking for can be achieved by adding substitutions. Go to Options > Corrections > Edit Substitutions…
There you can add your abbreviations to the list and they will be expanded to the full text.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ll look into it today on YouTube, etc :slight_smile:

Krastev… yes, that works!
Thanks, i owe you a drink if we ever cross paths. Make that two!

A pleasure to help. :mrgreen: