Text Field Object Fails to Close

Bug is not consistent and I haven’t found a way to trigger it on demand.

After typing text, and I am done with the text box, I click outside of it to close the text box so that I can drag it and connect it to another text object. Typically, the expected behavior is that the cursor remains an arrow and allows me to click hold and drag the object. Instead, the cursor remains the text edit “I” cursor and never turns into the arrow. I click out of the text box, I hit escape, I press enter, I create a new note. No matter what I do, I cannot click hold and drag the object. Every time I mouseover, it remains editable and never closes.

The event that closes the text field doesn’t seem to be firing. Every time I attempt to click hold and drag, it simply highlights text instead. The only solution I have found to work around this bug is to close the software and re-open it.

I am utilizing:
64bit Windows 10 Professional Version 1709 OS Build 16299.371
Windows Updates are Current
SSD Drives & 24gb RAM

Installed Software that Impacts OS:
MalwareBytes Pro
Sophos Enterprise Antivirus Client
Visual Studio 2017 Installed with all associated extensions and addons