Text fields for easier data entry.


Just started using the program, and I like the custom document types, but I thought it might make things convenient if the user could insert text fields into a document so that it would be easier to tab between items (such as, for example, when entering attributes of a character. Thus, to enter age, weight, etc. you would have text fields labeled with those attributes).

Also, sortable lists for building glossaries and dictionary-type documents in alphabetical order.

– Mark


Version 2.2 improves the way custom text fields appear in the inspector:

2.2 will be out very soon.

As for sortable lists, you can select text and use Edit > Sort Paragraphs (and you can sort the documents in a folder using Documents > Sort).

Thanks and all the best,

Damnit! I’ve got a novel to write, and here you go promising nifty new toys. sigh I don’t suppose you have a quiet-coffee-shop-with-outlets-locator feature in the works, do you? That, I believe, is the last feature missing from Scrivener.

You mean you can’t just turn any corner and find three Starbucks? There are places like that in the world? ::confused::

Oddly, I can’t recall seeing a Starbucks in my neighborhood. Besides, it’s not a proper coffee shop unless there’s dilapidated furniture for me to nestle into with my laptop. Also, every Starbucks that I have visited has been too… polished; I need a place that’s a little rough-around-the-edges.

Buy two coffees, spill one.

Tried that. They came after me with a rolled-up newspaper and threatened to rub my nose in my mess. I tried looking contrite, but they weren’t fooled.

Interesting that, we have a coffee-shop here in little Xiamen that everyone loves — students who have graduated and moved to other cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou … they all bewail the non-existence of “Brown Sugar” where they are now. We have all speculated on what it is that makes “Brown Sugar” so homelike, and the conclusion that I have come to is that it has wooden furniture so old and battered you sometimes need to be careful how you sit, tables that don’t need coffee spilt on them with blue-and-white checked tablecloths that are clean but have seen better days, a library of somewhat battered books donated by departing students and other customers, and a collection of CDs that includes a huge quantity of jazz greats and good pop-music going back to at least 1957/8 to my knowledge — I don’t count “Tammy’s in Love” among the good pop-music though … anyone apart from Vic-k remember that one? :slight_smile: The owner is originally from Taiwan and was a bass player in a rock band for many years, hence the music collection.

All day long, visitors to the area round the university make their way there with their cameras to take photos of it; Chinese customers take photos of the place using their mobile-phones if they don’t have a camera with them … I’m really bemused as the place has no architectural or interior decorative features to celebrate in images … its current incarnation is basically a pre-fab shed on a roof-top.

It has a small menu of tasty — and MSG-free food — and many people say the coffee is the best in town, though of the latter I’m not sure, though it is cheap compared with many … I think it’s the homelike environment working its magic.

And thank god the owner isn’t setting out to rule the world like Starbucks. So the answer is simple, Robert … move to Xiamen! :laughing:


"The old hootie owl hootie-hoots to the dove…’

Good grief. Lyrics like that, you don’t think it’s a classic? Why, I remember it as if it were only… um… about sixty years ago. (Winces, sobs softly, regains composure.) That was nominated for an Academy Award. Didn’t win, though

Almost enough to restore a person’s faith in awards. But then, there’s always the Kissinger Nobel to explain to my grandchildren.

What was the question?


Something about easier ways to fill out custom cappuccinos?

Hey … I didn’t say it wasn’t classic … lines like that are indeed classic drivel. But it was being played the whole time during my lowest, most miserable — and that’s saying a lot! — and lonely time at boarding school, so when I hear it being played, very occasionally, it makes me want to run and find a shotgun to use on myself.

Good grief is the word! It must have been a very low year in pop-music-land too, then! As for awards, there are lots needing explaining … and I have awards from here that will possibly need explaining to MI5 and/or MI6, and maybe even to my granddaughter …

But to return to where we were on missing features, Robert hasn’t been round here long enough to realise that the beer and cheesy-wotsits dispenser, called for long, long ago, hasn’t been implemented yet either.


Not in any public release, it hasn’t, but inquiring minds should demand a look at the purveyor’s own version, which may have incalculable riches from which the rest of us are unfairly excluded.


Re-fills stein from USB port.

What? You guys don’t have this feature?

Pops cd tray, grabs handful of cheesy snacks feels pity

Damn! USB port on the iMac is in back, and down low, damn near impossible to slide a mug under it without serious damage to mug or iMac, and no cd tray at all.

And I coulda hadda MacBook…

Still, all that real estate in front of me. Some consolation when I’m working on photos.


Oh, you’re having to use the old version? Poor you… excuse me a second.

Sorry about that - it was the Thunderbolt port enquiring whether I wanted the Chateau Lafitte or the Pétrus. I’ve filed a bug report - Scrivener should know by now that the Pétrus is for weekends only.

Where was I? Oh, yes - having to make do with USB. Never mind - think yourself fortunate. After all, some poor souls are having to use Scrivener on [insert OS-ist reference of choice here…]