Text file editing on iOS always loses line breaks

Hello, I have the latest version of Scrivener, OS X, iOS, etc.

I just enabled syncing to an external folder, which is in Dropbox. The sync works great, I sync plain text to the folder and then use any of a number of plain text editors on my iPad to work with the files - Nebulous Notes, Plain Text, etc.

The problem is, whenever I sync back to my Mac in Scrivener, the line breaks are always lost, regardless of which app I’m using on the iPad. Is there a setting I’m missing? Is this common?

Many thanks.

You might try the Textilus app. Seems to be highly regarded and one of the more commonly used apps for this.

If you wish to preserve the original line breaking, make sure the “Automatically convert plain text paragraph spacing” option is disabled. This will automatically pad paragraphs out with an extra space so that you don’t get a big blob of text on iOS, and then strip out the extra spaces when you return. For typical word processing style usage where a paragraph is separated by only a single return, it’s best to leave that option on, but if you’re working with something that has particular requirements for breaks (such as Markdown), then you’ll want to leave automatic processing off.

As mentioned, Textilus is another approach that lets you edit in RTF on the iPad, avoiding the need for plain-text conversion. I don’t think they have an iPhone version however.