Text file missing (but still in word count - so must be somewhere?)

I logged on today to find a text file I’d written last night, as part of a wider sub-folder, was missing. Weirdly, the word counter still includes this new text I’d written, yet the text file isn’t there.

If I go on to the wider draft folder, and click on the ‘group mode’ view, then I can even see the sub-folder’s default summary of the work I’d written in the text file.

So, maddeningly, it must still exist. But when I click on the sub-folder, it says it contains no subdocuments.

Any thoughts?

Scrivener folders are not like Finder folders. A Scrivener “Folder” itself can contain text … think of it like a cardboard folder: you can write on the folder itself, or you can write on a piece of paper you put inside the folder.

That is also why in Scrivener you can convert a folder into a document or a document into a folder.

So is what you wrote on the folder, not on a sub-document?