Text file template with text goes blank - bug?

Can you reproduce the following?

  1. Set up the Document Template Folder (DTF)
  2. Create a new folder and add it to the DTF
  3. Create a new text file, write some random text in it, and add it to the DTF
  4. Add a new folder in the Draft Folder by the “New From Template”-menu
  5. Now – select the new (sub)folder, and choose the “Scrivenings” view mode from the toolbar
  6. Add a new TEXT file in the new (sub)folder from the “New From Template”-menu

When I do the above, the text (new) file is blank, when expectedly it should show the “random text” as in step 3.

Although, if you save, close and reopen the project, the templates text is there. But only if you didn’t try to edit the blank text file before save.

It seems to work fine using the other two view modes. But for my work flow, it would have been great if the above could be fixed.

Thanks, I can reproduce this bug and have added it to the list.

Whoopsie … I just realized I wrote in the “Scrivener for Mac OS X” section, although I boght the Windows version.

So, it looks i’ts a cross-platform bug then … :wink:

I think Ioa just spotted the platform information in your profile - this works fine on the Mac version (as the Mac developer, you had me worried for a moment there :slight_smile: ).

Yeah, I was testing on Windows—didn’t even notice it was in the wrong board. :slight_smile: I’ll move it over.