Text files blank after upgrading to Scrivener 3

I was required to update my projects to open them in Scrivener 3, and now they’re blank. I saved them locally on my mac. Help!

Click again on the Editor icon (where you can choose between Efitor, Outline, Corkboard).
Any change?

No change. I noticed other people are having this issue as well.

You need to explain in more detail what you did, and preferably show screen dumps of what your projects look like in Scrivener.

If you think the project updater isn’t updating your project correctly, you can send the backup copy to us on our support page. It is important that you zip and send the copy with “Backup” in the name. That is the old v2 version previous to having anything done with it other than renaming it.

Otherwise, as lunk said, we need considerably more to go on, to offer any advice.

It doesn’t sound like this is what you’d be running into, but the #1 reason for blank projects is cases where people copy only the .scrivx file out of their project, when restoring from backup servers or using cloud website tools. So that’s probably what you’ve noticed since it’s pretty easy to make that mistake, if you don’t realise the project is actually a folder with a lot of files in it the first time you see it off of a Mac.