Text files not counted in Word Count

Hi everybody,

I have two folders set-up on my scrivener: “First Draft” and “Second Draft”
For some reason, only text files within the folder “First Draft” are counted in the word count (provided that ‘compile’ is ticked).

Even if I have ticked ‘compile’ for text files within “Second Draft,” they still don’t count in the word count.

Any ideas? Both “First Draft” and “Second Draft” are positioned at the same indentation in the binder.


Show a screenshot of the binder

I’m feeling lucky today. I am going to guess both of these folders are at the top level of the binder — and that the first of them is the blessed Draft folder (renamed) and the other is, well, just a folder (probably created by duplicating the original Draft folder.

If this is right, then the trick is just to realize that the Draft folder in a project is no ordinary folder — it is special (just like the Trash folder is special, or like the Inbox and Sent folders in your mail interface are special). For example, when you go to compile your work, the only text Compile will look at is what is in that special Draft folder. Well, it’s the same for project word count.

Note: you could throw First Draft and Second Draft (ordinary) folders into your blessed Draft folder and get a combined word count.

Aside: While you can rename the blessed Draft folder (and in some project templates it is already renamed Manuscript), since it has a very special function, I just think it is not a good idea to rename it.


P.S. I am ignoring my knee-jerk curiousity as to why in the world you would want a combined word count of your first and second drafts!