Text files out of order in folder

When I click on one of my folders, the first two text files are appearing out of order, behind the third. When I compile, they show up in the correct order however. Has anyone ever encountered this?

I’m guessing you are using the outliner view? If so, scan along the column headers and look for one that is darker than the others, with a small arrow pointing up or down. If you see one like that, click it until the highlight goes away, it should now be in natural order again instead of sort order.

Actually, in the outliner view it shows up in the correct order. It’s when I’m in the document view and I’ve selected the chapter that contains all of the scenes when things get out of order.

I cannot think of anything that would cause Scrivenings mode to be out of order when a folder is selected, unless the items are actually out of order in the binder. It is possible to use a non-linear Scrivenings session, but that comes about via Collections, where things can be out of order on purpose.

Is it just this one folder, or any of them?

So far it’s just this one. Maybe I should report it as a bug? The one thing that I’ve noticed that’s different about this folder is its icon. It looks like there’s a note or something pinned to the front of it. I have no idea what that means though.

Okay, that might be an important clue. That icon badge means that the folder has text. Folders in Scrivener are more like outliner rows than what we call “folders” in Finder. They are in nearly every way identical to files. The main difference is that when you click on a folder, it always loads in group view mode regardless, just as text files always load in document view mode. So in other words, you can write content directly into folders in Scrivener by simply turning off the group view mode and editing the folder’s text in the main editor. This is done by clicking the active view mode icon in the toolbar. If for example you click on a folder and see a corkboard, then click the yellow corkboard icon to switch it off and view the editor.

So, based on that, my guess is you have some chapter content dumped into the folder quite by mistake, and when you view it in Scrivenings the folder shows its content at the very top, like all of the child items within it do, making things look out of order. That it does not actually compile that way is down to the default compile settings. Folders do not print their text (and consequently many people use them for chapter notes as it is handy to have them at the top of a Scrivenings session), causing everything to return to normal when you compile. This can be changed of course, but that is neither here nor there. The main thing it sounds like you need to do is click on that folder, disable the group view mode, take a snapshot for safekeeping, and then delete the text in the folder. You should see that icon badge disappear immediately.

I suggested taking a snapshot just in case the confusion resulting from this caused edits and additions to be made to the folder text, rather than the scenes/sections themselves. That way if you realise a file contains an old revision, you can just click on the folder, open the snapshot inspector pane and pull out the text you need with copy and paste.

Yep, that’s exactly what it was. And it further complicated matters that I had somehow copied the third scene onto the folder, so there was a copy in the folder and then another copy as a scene. That’s why I was seeing that scene in the compile.
Thanks so much for your help, AmberV! :smiley: Now I can get back to editing!!!