Text formatting Bug when transitioning from Scrivener 3 mac and Scriver 3 Beta Windows.

I use scrivener across both mac and Windows reflecting changes using Resilo sync or Drop box. (Usually Resilo)

Recently I have noticed that on occasion the formatting of my edited documents changes between platforms. Usually all text is bolded (Which is irksome as i use Italics to denote thought and this is overwritten)

It seems the bug only occurs in the following:

  • Documents that recently been edited - i.e. the individual text documents within my chapter or note folders.

  • Only seems to occur when transitioning from one platform to another. N.B: I have used Mac > Mac for months with no problems. This has only happened since the inclusion of the Windows version.

  • The bug is intermittent, but regular, It has occurred 3-4 times in the last week. (I tend to use Scrivener on my macbook pro in the mornings and Window in the evening. Both times this has been editing and producing new documents.)

Obviously for me this is more a problem as the reformatting from Bold overwrites any italics within the text so causes wasted time in terms of re-reading and putting the italics back in.

As this involves the Windows Beta version, you may want to request an admin to move your post to the Windows Beta forum. The developers are more likely to see it there. :slight_smile: