Text formatting errors when exporting with comments

Scrivener 3.03 for Mac bug: When I export to .DOCX and include comments (that is, deselect “Remove comments”) there are periodic formatting problems:

  • The start of a chapter will sometimes change from double-spaced to single-spaced (usually just a paragraph, but sometimes several of them).
  • Left-justified text sometimes becomes center-justified.
  • In each case, there is a comment attached to the first word of the affected section.
  • Each time I compile the document the same set of sections is affected.

Selecting “Remove comments” in the compile window corrects the problem.
MacBook running OS 10.13.5 (High Sierra).

Could you please zip up and attach a sample project that shows these bugs? I’m afraid I’m unable to reproduce these issues myself.

Thanks and all the best,