Text formatting from Mac project doesn't work in Windows

I have just tried to open a Scrivener project that I saved in a Mac using the latest Windows version. None of the carriage break survived, so each scene/file is basically one huge unbroken block.

Has this happened to anyone else? I searched the forums but couldn’t find a similar issue.

Can I bump this? Is it really happening only to me? Are people’s projects opening just fine on Scrivener Mac -and- Windows? I’ve love to buy the Windows version but right now it’s unworkable

Yes, it seems you are alone in seeing this.

Do you have the latest versions of either OS version? 3.2.2 for Mac and 3.0.1 for Windows?

How did you transfer the project between devices?


Yup they are the latest versions. Beta downloaded from site on windows, and 3.2.2 on mac.

Hi Katherine. I keep scrivener projects as separate Github repositories, so whenever I’m done for the day I push to that Github repo. This allows me to work from separate machines. Could that be a problem? It’s just I trust that better than dropbox/google/onedrive, and I can ‘branch’ versions of a manuscript and return to earlier versions when I need to…


Does your GIT setup have any kind of “end-of-line” translation set up, so that text files get translated to use Windows EOL characters vs. Mac/Linux/Unix EOL characters? I could see that being the issue, since RTF isn’t a plain text file, and even the plain text synopsis files shouldn’t be fiddled with in that way, as Scrivener is designed to leave the files unchanged when syncing between platforms, as far as I’m aware.

I don’t think sync services typically do that, but I know that a lot of code revision tools like GIT and Subversion have such a feature.

As rdale said, any fiddling that Git does behind the scenes could potentially cause problems.

One thing to try is to use the File → Backup → Backup Now command on the Mac to create a ZIP backup, transfer that to the Windows machine by any convenient method, then unZip and open the project from there. That will preserve the project exactly as it appeared on the Mac, demonstrating whether the error is coming from Scrivener itself or elsewhere.