Text formatting


I notice that very often (not all the time), functions like bold, italic, underline need to be “invited” twice, because they “stay on”, even when other text is selected.

Until now, I could not find under which circumstances this does not happen, except during typing, where I do not have the issue.

The only thing I can say for sure is that it happens when I select one or more words in an existing text, which can be imported or written in Scrivener.

The button will stay “pushed” wherever I may click in the text of the file…
Nevertheless, sometimes, this is not the case…

Thanks for raising this issue here Lilith.

I have experienced the same annoying behaviour. For example, if I select a word and press the Italic button, around 30 percent of the time I have to click twice because the first time nothing changes. The same goes for Bold and Underline, and this also happens when using the shortcuts for these operations.

This happens when there isn’t any formatting on the selected text, since I know that these buttons toggle the formatting on or off. So, that can’t explain why sometimes the command has to be given twice.

I haven’t been able to replicate this problem completely, but I noticed it happens more often if…

  • Two documents open (Split View),
  • Working in A then switching to B,
  • Selecting a word or sentence in B,
  • Choosing the formatting style.

I also noticed the following when replicating this problem:

  • The behaviour happens when selecting the word with holding down the left mouse button - it doesn’t occur when the word is selected by double clicking on it,
  • It happens with the second time the formatting command is used. For example: selecting word → changing formatting to Bold: works correctly. Select another word or sentence → change formatting to Bold: the command has now to be given twice,
  • The word or sentence that got a different format has to keep this format. For example: “An example sentence.” If you change ‘An’ to Italic, and keep it Italic, when selecting the ‘sentence’ word and changing it to Italic, this command now has to be given twice. In other words, the problem of needing to give the command twice only seem to happen when there is already another part in the document with the formatting style.
  • The current document has to be kept active - switching between document A and B causes Scrivener to “forget” it has already applied a certain formatting. (So the ‘only happens second time’ isn’t triggered)

I’m using Scrivener 1.0.3 on Windows 7 Home edition.