text gets lost if I make a subnote

If I have two text notes A and B, both containing some text, and I make B a sub-note of A, but DON’T make A a folder (at least not knowingly), then, when I click on A, I cannot find the text associated with it. All I find is the title.

Where is the text. If I click on the < key at the top of the window, I get the text for B, and of course If I click on B, I get the text for B. But where is A.

If I put A and B both on the same level, then the text for A returns, so I know that it is not lost.

Do I have to formally make an ‘empty’ text box or folder with a suitable title and then add my text in separate boxes after. I don’t remember this behavior with 1.5, but I’m not too sure.


My guess is that your settings are such that when you click on A, you’re viewing the Scrivenings session of all its contents (which here is only one document, B) but not including the contents of A itself. If up in the little pillbox of the toolbar you see the left-most icon (with the documents) selected, you can click that button again, and it will toggle it to showing you the individual document A.

If that’s what’s going on, you can adjust some settings to change it. In Scrivener>Preferences:Navigation, deselect the top box that says “Treat all documents with subdocuments as folders”–this will then make document groups act like regular documents, defaulting to showing the text of that document rather than the contents. You could also select “Include enclosing groups in scrivenings” (also in the Navigation preferences) which would, as it says, then include the text of A along with B (and any other subdocuments) when viewing it in Scrivenings mode.

Bingo. You are right.
I should have realized that.

Many thanks.