text getting cut off when exporting or compiling

I bet there’s something simple I’m missing, but when I use either export or compile to transfer my work out of Scrivener the resulting documents (both RTF & DocX) have cut the text off at the right side. Most of the sentence/text is there - but not all. I’m not zoomed in or anything, & can’t tab or scroll across to see it.
When I select all & copy it into another document, it displays fine, so it is there - I just can’t see it. Every scene is the same when exporting, & it’s the whole doc when compiling. I’ve tried several times, with differently formatted text in scrivener, and after moving the ruler in scrivener, & always got this result. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Was this ever figured out?

I’m running into this issue off and on with no discernible pattern and would like to get this fixed.

I know this is a silly question but did you check the ruler settings in compile for your document and level styles? Also check out your page margins in the page settings pane. Mine are currently set at one inch for all four.

The page settings are at 1" for all four borders in mine. I’m not exactly sure where the ruler settings are but when I display it on the document I’m working on it looks fine. I’m confused as to why these settings would be different for some documents and not others especially when created originally in Scrivener.

Do you use different compile settings or preference files within Scrivener?

Nope, I’ve never messed with them. I just select which files and which format and that’s it. I’ve never played around with any of the other settings.