Text hides itself[NOTED]

OK,I may not explain this very well, but it has happened a few times, and I haven’t time to go through all the threads to see if it’s been mentioned before. I’ll try my best!

I’m using version 1.2, on Windows Vista, Compaq Presario CQ50 and the NaNo Template to do my novel. (how relevant that is to you I don’t know!)

If you look at the binder contents, they are listed in the following order: NaNoWrimo Template/Manuscript/Title Page/Chapter. I have renamed the title page Frederick’s Poppy, and duplicated the Chappter folder six times. Chapter is empty, each of the duplicates is named Chapter One, Chapter Two and so on. I haven’t created sub documents by clicking the Add Text icon bottom left of the software, I have just typed my chapter straight into the folder. With me so far?

Today’s problem struck when I had got to 1898 words. I needed to check something I had written in Chapter One. My autosave is still set to 2 seconds. I went to the binder which is permanently showing on screen. I clicked on Chapter, realised that was not the file I wanted, and clicked through Chapter’s One to Three, in order, found what I wanted and clicked on Chapter Six, which is where I was working. The last 200 words or so had disappeared from the page. In panic (and because I really did think I’d got to a crucial part of my story!) I pressed undo and the final sentence reappeared. I copied the whole chapter straight into Word for fear of losing more, and went back to Scrivener. If I kept pressing Ctrl + Z, words kept reappearing, but it would delete a sentence letter by letter, then a paragraph would reappear, as if by magic. I copied that paragraph and went to paste it into the Word document, but it was already there! In fact, all my text was there, the whole 1898 words. It was bizarre. Checking back in Scrivener, the rest of the missing words were still missing. I had made sure I’d scrolled t the bottom of the page by the way!

Can you tell me please how I can protect this in future? Also in Full screen mode, typing seems to always be at the bottom of the page, and the toolbar keeps popping up so I’m forever having to click back into the white space. Can I change this so I can be typing half way up the page? It was a little irritating,so I’m not using it at the moment.
Other than that, I am still very much enjoying the product.

Thank you!

TO add, I just went back and made the document good, and then hit save. I clicked on Chapter One, then back to Chapter Two and the text has gone again. I pressed undo three times and three of the paragraphs have returned, but not one in the middle. The word count for the returned paras is 216, the same as the word count for the four paras in Word! So Scrivener has the text, it’s just not showing me. Weird!

Have now pressed Undo a few more times. But there is a huge discreapncy now between the word counts:
Scrivener 2067
Word 1898

All my indents have disappeared too, in that document.

Have you tried beta 1.3? It supposedly fixes many of these errors.

I used to get this reliably one one particular file in one particular place, and I haven’t seen it since upgrading to version 1.3. (Check Lee’s Nov. 7 update.)

Also, if you have off word counts, look at your hyphen count. We discovered in THIS THREAD that hyphenated words were being counted as multiple words.

Example merry-go-round was counted as 3 words instead of 1.

Check out this post: