Text highlighting and typewriter mode don't mix.

When highlighting multi-line text, if typewriter mode is on, the repositioning causes exaggerated movements as the typewriter scrolling attempts to center as you select text.

Shouldn’t the typewriter scrolling be disabled if the cursor changes lines during a text drag selection?

Yes, just clicking with the mouse shouldn’t cause the editor to jump. To my knowledge, this is a bug specifically with using typewriter scrolling when viewing a Scrivenings session; if you’re working in a single document, it doesn’t happen. Is that what you’re seeing? If not, could you provide steps to reproduce the problem in a single document?

Correct, the bug only seems to occur when in Scrivenings mode, i didn’t notice that before. Wasn’t able to reproduce it in single document mode.

All righty, I’ve got this on the list then. Thanks for checking that!