Text highlighting etc.

It would be great if there were a colour picker attached to the Text highlight list. I would then be able to create a series of pastel tints that would serve to delineate passages of text within the one document without affecting legibility. This would be similar to the way ‘Edit Scrivenings’ separates the texts. It would look as if solid blocks of background had been lightly coloured.

The problem I have with current highlight is that the colours are very garish and compromise continuity - which is what they’re meant to do I guess - but it would be nice to modulate the emphasis and perhaps - if it were possible to save favourite colours like it is in labels - then to establish a signifying code that makes for more legible on-page organisation than if the text itself were coloured. Although I’m using Scrivener to write a PhD theseis, I could imagine a script-writer assigning colours to different characters for instance.

Also it would be good to be able to split a screen by ctrl-clicking another page in the binder and to make that page the secondary page (sorry I can’t remember the terminology) - that is, the page you are bringing to share with the main page is then dismissable with a single click. Perhaps there’s a way to do this - I have read the tutorial but I don’t remember it being there.

Yes, this is just what I was going to ask for. The colours available now are so strong, and detracts from the effectiveness of the nice fullscreen mode. I want to just have light grey highlights to remind me of words or sentences I want to possibly change or look up in a thesaurus.

And being able to give each colour a description and shortcut would be great too! :smiley:

Well you’ve got the last part already! In Edit/Find choose Find Highlight. You can supply names for colours here. Changing the names will also change the title of the corresponding menu item for them in Text/Highlight, as well as in the toolbar button. As you can see from the menu however, there are already a battery of shortcuts in place. Cmd-Ctrl-H will use whatever colour you last used, but Cmd-Ctrl-1 … 5 will access each of the colours in linear sequence. Cmd-Ctrl-0 clears any highlight in the selection.

I discovered that it’s possible to copy and paste highlighted text from a program like iNotePad into Scrivener. iNP uses a range of highlight colours that are more subtle and, I find, more useful than the strong colours in Scriv.
It’s not possible to add the colours to Scriv’s highlight list but you can save them as styles and apply them pretty easily through the Styles menu.

BTW: the only native highlighter I use in Scrivener is the grey. If you highlight an empty paragraph it will appear as a broad grey line accross the page that will expand to fit the page width. Reduce the empty ‘text’ to about 7 pt, apply some paragraph spacing and you have a neat flexible grey line that can be pasted in wherever you need a visible divider on the page.

The highlight colours in Scrivener emulate those of real-world highlighter pens; they are also loosely based on the ones in Nisus. Sorry, they won’t be customisable - or any different - any time soon (pre-2.0).

I agree that the highlight colours in Scrivener could be somewhat more sophisticated: they are rather harsh. But it’s not an urgent matter.

Does this mean that customizable colours might be available post-2.0? I’d like to add a vote for this please.

Actually customisable highlight colours will be available in 1.12, which will be out in a few weeks. You can’t customise the original list, nor can you rename the custom colours (that will all be post 2.0 stuff), but you can use arbitrary highlight colours.

That’s great news Keith.

Presumably this is for coding rather than interface reasons? I had hoped for something equivalent to the Labels & Status editing dialogue, but it is nice to know that there is a rosy future down the road.
Many thanks, Nick

Going any further would involve a lot of work which I’m not prepared to put into this feature right now, given that you’ll still have most of the functionality you want (remember you can save colours using the standard colour palette anyway, so you’ll still easily be able to switch between your own favourite colours, you just won’t be able to name them or search for those specific colours. Some things have to wait for the future, given that I am one man with limited time and a novel to write at some point between now and never!
All the best,