Text in Chapter, instead of Scene (Fiction-> Novel) template.

Here we go again . . .

Open Scrivener. Select Template (Fiction -> Novel)


Comes with a sample “Chapter” and “Scene”

Great, as it compiles default beautifully.

What I want, however, is:

I have a tendency of putting my entire text in a chapter, instead of separate scenes. I converted the “Chapter” type in the information panel to “Scene” type. And again, it compiles beautifully. With a small problem: I lose the Chapter formatting. Which means, I lose the Chapter names, plus, the fact that every chapter should begin on a new page.

Any ideas how to do the same? (let me know if I have explained the problem clearly, too).

Cheers – ZG

Change the chapters back to Chapter type. Then edit the Chapter Section Layout and check the box to include “Text” along with the title.


You da bomb!

Worked awesome!!!

Cheers – ZG