Text in new documents going off the page on the right side

Hi, for about a month now the text in new documents I create in the binder of Scrivener don’t start new lines once the first line reaches the right edge of the page. You can continue typing and the words go off the page so it never automatically returns and starts the second new line.

HI there. I had same problem recently, and cannot remember fix, however if you search for ‘word wrap inconsistent’ or posts by me you will see the reply which fixed this.

Do you have page view turned on? (View > Text Editing > Show/Hide Page View)?

I tried both suggestions the page view and resetting the settings but neither worked for me.

… and you have restarted both your Mac and Scrivener?

Could you possibly post a screenshot?

The clearing of interface settings occasionally works but pasting in a new document doesn’t ever work. Typing works fine in preexisting documents but in new documents it won’t wrap around. I took a screen-shot but there’s not much to see, the letters go off the page but you can’t see them.

Please turn on the ruler:View -> Text Editing -> Show Ruler

And Show Invisibles: View -> Text Editing -> Show Invisibles

And then take another screenshot. That will show, respectively, the margins of the page and invisible formatting characters like tabs and tables.


Here is the screen shot showing ruler and invisibles.

Bizarre. Is this in all projects? What happens if you reset the Preferences to the defaults?

Possible to share a sample project showing the issue?

And under File > Page Setup > Page Attributes > Scrivener, are the left and right margins set to a number / unit that accords with the selected paper size? And are you using a standard paper size or a unique custom size?

Slàinte mhòr.

It was happening in all projects but the suggestion of making preferences default in formatting fixed it, I believe. I can open new documents and they are working in all projects now. I’m not entirely sure what was wrong but in the format example in preferences showed the problem as well and when I set it to default it fixed itself.