Text in Project Notes Lost

Every day I add information to one of the project notes about my progress. Today, I noticed that the recent additions had been lost. To test it, I added the words “text added here” to the bottom of my notes.

I then ran a backup, then exited Scrivener and started it up again.

The text that I’d added was gone.

It only happens if you run a backup before exiting, and only if that backup occurs before Scrivener does an automatic save (On my system, it saves after 60 seconds of inactivity).

P.S. I can also get it to happen with a much shorter “Save after” period. That is, if you enter the text, backup, and exit without any delays, you will lose what you’ve entered.

I think there may be other ways that Notes text can get lost. I’ve seen times where I made some changes in the Document Notes, then I navigated around, and it seemed like when I came back they were gone. In some of the instances I discovered that I’d made an error and put in notes to the wrong document’s Notes, but in others the text just seemed to have vanished. I don’t know that it had anything to do with shutdown or backup scenarios either, for me I think it had more to do with switching documents, going amongst documents in the history, switching between top/bottom editor, switching between Binder and Search Results, etc. I’ve never been 100% sure this was happening though, and don’t know how to reproduce it either.

Thanks, I’ve reproduced the issue with the project notes edits not saved. I haven’t found a case that loses the document notes as described; if you find steps to trigger this, please let us know.