Text in the Synopsis

Hi Keith,

I am not sure where this should go.

If I make a change to text in the Synopsis, does it appear anywhere else?

? Er, yes - it appears in the outline view in the synopsis column, and also in the index cards in the corkboard view when you view that document within its group. That is the whole point… You enter a synopsis so that you can then view your documents as a series of titles and synopses so that you can get an overview of your project, add new documents with provisional synopses, etc. The synopsis will also appear in a tooltip if you hover your mouse over a document in the binder.

This is exactly the same as in SG… The integration of the synopsis with everything else (getting an overview) was actually why I started work on Scrivener in the first place.

Hi Keith, I wish I could show you a couple of jpgs of screen captures. I have synopsis text but no text in index cards on the corkboard or in the outline. The synopsis does appear in a tooltip if I hover the mouse over a document in the binder.

It’s a bit like your wife asking you to go to the shop for the paper and you come back with the newspaper and she wanted toilet paper. Sometimes the things we think are blindingly obvious are not that obvious to others. Without Scrivener HELP and without pictures of the file>group> file setup it is not all that clear. Without pictures of what these functions should look like on this site (or this board) it depends on trial and error and a close reading of the initial material you made available. Could you post some pictures of the key functions so that your faithful beta testers can see what things are supposed to look like?

I’m sure this will all be very clear when the HELP function is operating. I guess it’s a point I have made previously. This beta is not as intuitive as you and AmberV seem to think. I urge you to consider this issue of intuitiveness. You are constructing software for which there is no other true analogy. It is new! It is truly wonderful, but exposure to other word processors and other note taking applications is not a training platform for Scrivener. Your market will not admit they can not understand some of these functions. They will turn to the simple, intuitive applications that allow them to do their work with ease and without embarrassment.

But the thing is that I do not have a market yet, and nor am I actively seeking one until 1.0 is ready for release - by which time there will be documentation. I seek beta-testers, yes, but when you decide to help beta-test a product you generally know that there is going to be a lot of experimentation involved. Unfortunately, the price of being a beta-tester is that you are using software that is not yet properly documented. That is just the way it is. I am a one-man band. If I had a team, then we could work on the documentation in parallel with the development of the program. But there is just me. The documentation is going to take some time to complete. If I spend extra time on initial documentation with images etc, then I will only have to redo it all later and that is time taken out of development (bug-fixing etc). So, I could ditch development and bug-fixing right now and spend weeks on the documentation before returning to active development. But then the software is evolving through the beta process, which means that if I did that, I would only have to rewrite whole chunks of the documentation after making changes during development.

I am sorry that you do not find Scrivener intuitive. I have worked extremely hard to make it as intuitive as possible for an application that does new things, but every user will have different expectations. I am doing my best to answer all questions on this forum, and that is the best I can do for now: documentation will not be available for some time.

As for the synopsis, this is how it works:

If you select a document in the binder, that document is displayed in the document view on the right. Its synopsis is displayed in the inspector view. If you switch to outliner or corkboard view, however, the inspector will show the synopsis of the selected document within the outline or corkboard. Unless there is no selection, in which case the parent document’s synopsis (and details) are displayed in the inspector. Essentially, the inspector displays info for the currently selected document, wherever that selection might be. I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify: With corkboard view (which I haven’t played with much yet), you don’t get a synopsis as and index card when you select a particular document but only when you select a folder or a document that has children. Then you get index cards of all the synopses contained within that folder/document. Which makes sense, since you want to play around with a group of documents in corkboard, move individual docs/scenes/whatever around, etc. Same with the outline view.

So the corkboard and outline features are for the organization and manipulation of a group of documents, not an individual document, which, of course, is as it should be. So that is why you don’t get anything in the center pane in corkboard and outline view when selecting an individual document (rather you get it where it resides in the inspector panel).

I just wanted to clarify that for myself and for Lord Lightning (love that moniker, btw!). Does this help?


Mr. Lightning.

In both the Outliner and Corkboard views, you can edit the synopsis by double-clicking in the area where it should be displayed. Have you tried editing one of these blank areas where there should be text? If so, is it empty? Does it change the contents of the index card in the Inspector?

See what I mean Keith!!!