Text inserted with c-pen won't copy.

Hi and thanks for an excellent program. My only problem is that when I insert text from books using a C-pen the text shows up alright in the document, but when I try to copy the text to another file in Scrivener parts of it disappears. This does not happen in Word.

Text parts also go away if I close Scrivener and open it again.

If I copy small parts of the text into another file and then copy it back again the result seems to be uncorrupted.

Any suggestions?


I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know what a C-pen is. Could you please elaborate? A quick Google search suggests it turns handwritten text into real text though.

Could you please try the following:

Open up Console.app from ~/Applications/Utilities.
Then go through the process in Scrivener with the C-pen that is causing problems, where some of the text disappears.
Look in the Console for any errors relating to Scrivener.

When text disappears it is usually because an internal error has been thrown somehow in the program, and if so, it should be logged on the Console. That will give me some idea of what sort of bug this is.

Another thing to try is performing exactly the same actions that are causing problems in Scrivener in TextEdit. Scrivener uses the same fundamental text engine as TextEdit, so if TextEdit has the same problems then it’s likely out of my hands (although I’d still like to hear more about the nature of the problem in case it’s not); if it works fine in TextEdit then clearly something strange is going on in Scrivener.

All the best,

Thanks for quick reply.

C-pen is pen scanner to scan text into textfiles. It does support Mac although it’s not so evident on the website. Works well, also in Swedish.
I downloaded a new version of the C-pen software. It now works with TextEdit and seems to work Ok with Scrivener too.

So everything seems to work fine now. Thanks.

Sven Åberg