Text Inserts

I am seeking confirmation to see if the following functionality exists, or if I should request this feature for future releases. I would like very much to connect text written in one part of my document to another, so as to allow changes on the connected text to be reflected globally in my document, rather than simply on one instance of the text.

For instance: I have research questions in my dissertation study. If I tweak the language of my research question, it would be very helpful for that text reflect that tweak throughout the rest of my document where it is specifically connected.

This functionality may exist in Scrivener, but I could not determine how to implement the feature. This functionality is referred to as “text inserts” in a music notation program that I utilize (Finale), and it is very helpful when global changes are required in a document.

Please advise if this exists in Scrivener, or if I should submit a request as a feature for the future. Thank you!

Look for <$include> in the manual.

This is very helpful, thank you!