text is 'highlit' grey in composition mode

Dear All,

I’m using High Sierra on a Mac. Scrivener 3.0.3.

First I should say that this might not be a bug, but I’ve made a pretty thorough search of the forums and can’t find another reference to it, so:

In certain text files (which I’m using as chapters), when I go into composition mode (Alt-Cmd-F) there is a background of grey surrounding the text. It doesn’t reach to the margins, but behaves like a highlight. This is not the case in all text files, and I can’t see what I might have done to make it happen where it does affect the file. I have, of course, tried highlighting and removing the highlight etc., but this doesn’t make any impression.

Does anyone have a suggestion of where I’ve gone wrong, or is this indeed a bug?

Thanks in advance,


It could be that some of your text has a white highlight behind it—this can sometimes happen when pasting in text from a website, and it goes unseen (unless you end up in a context that doesn’t use a white background, as Composition often wouldn’t) as you edit around it. What I would try doing is selecting the affected text and using the Format ▸ Highlight ▸ Remove Color menu command and see if that clears it up.


I tried your suggestion and it worked immediately.

I’m very grateful - for your speedy response and its clarity.

Thank you!