Text jumps around in compose mode

Ok, I think this is a feature - but it must stop. It’s driving me back to Writeroom.

In compose mode, as soon as I try to make an edit, the text jumps to center everything on the screen. I immediately lose my place and have to search for the line. It makes me want to break something.

Please help.

Turn off typewriter mode via Format > Options. The typewriter mode in WriteRoom works exactly the same way. :slight_smile:

Thank. You.

I had only looked in preferences. I can see how that could be useful to people at certain times, just not for what I was doing.

Ah, yes - preferences sets how it works for new projects, but then you can override it on a per-project, per-editor basis. Generally typewriter mode is useful for composition (when it’s nice always to have the typed line of text in the centre of the screen), but then you will want to turn it off for editing (when it gets annoying because every time you type an edit it jumps to the centre); thus because some projects may be at the composition stage and others at the editing stage, it is saved per-project.

All the best,