Text Jumps (Scrolls) When Editing in Full Screen Mode

If I use the mouse to select a location near the top or bottom of the screen (in fullscreen mode), then when I start typing, the text jumps to place the cursor closer to the middle. This is disconcerting, and means I have to refind the current cursor location.

I’ve turned off typewriter scrolling, though I’m not clear on the “In new projects” modifier?

Can I inhibit this behavior?



Turning off typewriter scrolling in the options set it off as the default for new projects you create but doesn’t disable it in your existing projects. You can toggle the setting on and off in each editor (including full screen) using the shortcut Ctrl+G, Ctrl+T.


I think I’ve got it disabled everywhere. It’s not clear what you meant by “each editor.” Did you mean in both the full-screen editor (1 editor) and the regular editor (other editor)? Did you mean “each document”?

In any case, I pressed Ctrl-G - Ctrl-T in the full screen editor, and now this behavior seems to be eliminated everywhere.

I meant each editor split in the main window and the full screen editor. For instance, you could split the editor vertically and have TW scrolling enabled in the left editor but not the right.