Text Justication on Print


I’ve set up my platform on Options so that there are no first line indentations on a new paragraph. When typing the entire document is formatted correctly “justified” however when printing (and on compiling fo preview) the document has first line indentations. Anyone have any ideas as to how to rectify this?


Most likely you have compile formatting overriding your editor formatting and adding the indent–if you’re using the Novel Standard Manuscript Format compile preset, for instance (which is also the default for the Novel project template), it will indent first lines. If you switch to using the “Original” preset from the “Format As” drop-down menu in compile, that compiles with no frills, using the editor formatting, no title prefixes (such as adding “Chapter One”) and a blank line between documents. It’s a good base to start from which you can then build on as you want to make changes.