text justified in Word, can't be changed

When I compile my manuscript in MS Word the text is justified, even though it’s showing as “left-aligned” on the toolbar (and it was left-aligned in Scrivener, too). Highlighting a paragraph and clicking the “left-aligned” button doesn’t fix it (though it does make the “justified” button light up as well, suggesting the text is somehow simultaneously left-aligned and justified). When I look at the Paragraph Settings, they say the text is left-aligned…but obviously it’s not.
I can’t send this to my editor justified - how do I get it left-aligned? Thanks

Abby, I had this problem, too, and solved it by highlighting the affected area, then going to Format>>Styles and Formatting>>Clear Formatting. After that, you can reset the indent.


thanks Jane I will give that a try. Hopefully it won’t clear other formatting like Underline at the same time!