Text Lag + Shortcuts (Ctrl+N, Ctrl+Alt+N)[FIXED]

I’ve seen the threads about the text lag already and want to confirm that I’m running into a similar problem. I’m working on a project saved on a USB drive (Scrivener is running from my laptop, it’s just the project file on the USB drive) creating folders and blank text documents to set up an outline and after adding a few documents with a synopsis typed on the index cards in corkboard mode, the text becomes very laggy. Closing Scrivener and reopening it solves the problem until I create a few more files–after the first three or four it started lagging slightly again and by the seventh or eighth I ran into the “two characters fine then a long delay” problem.

I did notice that creating the documents without adding a synopsis to the index cards increased the number of documents I could create before the text lag started (and the text is lagging while editing document and folder names as well as in the word processor).

Additionally, while creating folders and documents with synopsis, the keyboard shortcuts for adding new folders and documents stopped working (Ctrl + N, Ctrl + Alt + N). I could still add new ones from the Project menu. Closing and reopening Scrivener solved the problem, and it didn’t happen again when I just created the folders and documents without switching into corkboard mode at all.

(Working on Windows 7 with 3 GB of RAM.)

Text lag has been duly noted by Lee and they are trying to find out the problem.


Does ^ make your Scrivener lag?